Are these dangerous for my shrimp tank? There’s at the very least two completely different sorts. They got here from a small plant I purchased on-line…

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  1. copepods probably cyclops. They’re good for the tank. They’re detritivores

  2. seed shrimp, part of a healthy ecosystem – and can be food for some fish

  3. Microfauna. They are in fact crustaceans themselves. Healthy and harmless to shrimp.

  4. I went on vacation and three shrimp died, two disappeared completely, one I found and it was older so I couldn’t tell if it was officially with molting or what. I also lost a crab. My brother babysat my tank and I only let him give them a tiny piece of algae wafer then suck it up at the end of every day. They could eat the algae the rest of the time. I usually give them two different types of food with an algae wafer every few days. The food is really high quality from a shrimp site that provides calcium. I doubt that’s the issue though because they didn’t have that for quite a while before I got it.

    Anyways, I redid my entire tank, obviously they’re still here but I am just so worried they are bad for my remaining crab and shrimp.

  5. Seed shrimp and isopods I believe. And dude wtf you gotta sanitize the new plants lol, don’t just rinse them. Don’t want any diseases or parasites.

  6. I’ve kept shrimps for 15 years now and always had these. They’re ok. They compete with shrimps for foods like blanched leaves, but are completely harmless. They multiply if I feed leaves or algae tablets to my shrimps. I keep them in check through water changes or by introducing shrimp-friendly fish.

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