any ideas on topfin’s shrimp and plant oasis?

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  1. The light cannot be set on a timer, and the filter kind of sucks, but it is a nice glass cube.

  2. I don’t own it but my local petsmart has one on “live” display. They have it planted with shrimp and they all seem happy in there and there reproducing so I’m assuming the conditions are stable enough for them to want to reproduce. I was going to pick one up but I endured a long speech about how my 3 tanks are enough! But it seems like a cool setup from the shelf!

  3. Bought one a little over 2 weeks ago and I love it. Switched out the filter with an aqua clear filter, currently stock cherry shrimp with live plants (Java moss, Java fern, Amazon frogbit)

  4. This is the three gallon one, right? I would say it’s good for someone with experience or willingness to the research needed to make up for lack of research. Three gallons is a really small volume of water and so it’s really easy for something to go wrong and be much worse than if it were a larger tank. Shrimp are so sensitive that I would be careful. For a beginner or someone who’s looking for something lower-maintenance, I would probably suggest something larger and probably a sponge filter instead of the weak/cheap types of filters that usually come with these kits.

  5. Have it as my first shrimp tank and I love it! I added an extra sponge filter as the one that comes with the kit has really shitty flow. The light is strong enough for plants to grow but kinda too strong that it burns my dwarf water lettuce. My java fern grows very well with the substrate and my shrimps are thriving in it. I love the tank anyway it looks really cute and clean.

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