1. 1. You should buy a water test kit, it basically tests your ammonia nitrite nitrate PH KH and GH
    2. when cycling don’t do a water change and cycling for me took about a month but it can be less since you are using bottled bac.
    3. buy an aquarium siphon, I makes it too much easier to do a water change!
    4. I would buy neocaridina shrimp instead of caridina because they are easier to take care of.
    5. since I don’t live in the US I don’t know the stuff you put in your document but it seems that you’ve got everything
    6. that’s all from me I’m not a pro but these are the tips I can give good luck!

  2. I am breeding 3 types of shrimp and selling them as a hobby – i would suggest to go for a 20 gallon tank because you will be able to keep a bigger base number of shrimps. Also calculate food + minerals/additives in your calculations.

    Also, to breed amanos you would need to follow a special way of breeding since the larves wont survive in fresh water – skip them and go with neos only as a beginner

  3. The length of time it take to get a tank’s filter cycling fully depends on bacteria in your environment. Some have more nitrifying bacteria, some have less. It’s never taken me less than about five to six weeks, and with a recent brackish tank, took much longer.

    For some it might be as short as a month. It takes how long it takes.

    A great vid on such is linked in the pinned/sidebar post cycling section, succinct but detailed, although she uses more products than most need as she breeds.

  4. I’m not clicking a random link, but what I can see in the thumbnail Amano breeding is very difficult unless you have brackish water experience. Get a 5 gallon bucket and hit up one of those machines that do the ro thing at $1/gallon.

  5. Reverse osmosis water is like $2.00 for 5 gallons at most walmarts. Also, I’d look at sponge filters and an air pump for filtering tanks. It’s a bit bulky yes, but I find that they’re the safest for shrimp.

    I had an aqueon made shrimp safe filter that had a hole in the filter intake, and essentially sucked them up.

    And I’d also get the gh/KH testers along with the api master testkit


    There’s a website out there made by a researcher at duke university that details starting the nitrogen cycle

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