Amano shrimp breeding in contemporary water (by no means touched any salt)? I did not suppose they may do this? Additionally, much more coloration…

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  1. Agree with the commenters from your prior post: those still look like neocaridina. Appears you weren’t sold Amanos, afterall.

  2. Yea I commented on your previous post. These are not Amano shrimp.

  3. Huh, cool. That would explain it. Mystery solved

  4. Meme: โ€œcherries cherries everywhereโ€

  5. Once they’re bigger I’ll have to separate them out by color and see if I can keep cultivating

  6. Wild neos

  7. I recently was sold wild neos or some other non-amano from a mid sized supplied with multiple locations. Nothing like blowing through that much cash for wild cherries that donโ€™t eat BBA ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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