All of my shrimp are dying please assist, parameters beneath😭

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  1. Need some cutter bone or some Carbonite pieces. Baby’s need it to grow hard shell.

  2. You may still consider testing for copper. Your temp is on the higher end of the range but otherwise, your parameters check out. Sorry for the losses.

    Maybe an obvious question – but you’re sure you’re not just finding molts? Like you’re actually finding dead bodies? Your tank looks like it offers a lot of places to hide and they could just be hiding?

  3. Temperature could be too high, I keep mine at 75-76. They’ve been acclimated to that though, as neocardinias prefer cooler water in the low 70’s.

  4. Parameters from API master kit: Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 10-20 ppm, KH: 3, GH: 9, pH: 8.0.. I know my KH is on the low end but my pH is stable, reads at 8.0 morning and night.. I have ghost shrimp in another tank who have been great for months so I don’t think it’s copper.. I added 17 cherry shrimp a few days ago and find 2-3 dead every morning. I’m down to 3 cherry and some fry that snuck in on java moss 😭

  5. A feeder ring or as I call it light ring that makes a hole in middle of plants so light can get in and they have set place to look for food might be nice too. Just look up shrimp feeder on Amazon and you will find it.

  6. Is it normal for pH of water to be 8 for neocaridina? My understanding is that 6.2-7.6 was the more common range, though that may be bias induced by planted tanks.

    Mine shrimps are currently in 6.4, and their population stable even with a few peacock eels sharing same tank.

  7. Bloodworms will cover all the needs of their diet but also alder cones are good and let them grow some biofilm then throw them in your tank !

  8. Sad update: Found 2 more dead this morning and I officially have 2 left.. hopefully lowering the temperature helps and these last 2 make it while I figure out what is causing this. Weirdly, all of the shrimp fry are still thriving.. I know they prefer to be in groups and I feel terrible that these two will be by themselves but I don’t want to buy more only to have them reach the same fate.. I have 10 ghost shrimp in a tank with my betta and they’re thriving and have been for months. I guess I wasn’t ready to try with neos 🙁

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