1. The things on the plant aren’t shrimp eggs, shrimp keep their eggs on their bellies for ~three weeks before they hatch. That many shrimp is fine, they’ll naturally curb their own population based on food availability. So as long as there’s enough food, they’ll keep multiplying. You could add some more floating plants or fast growing ones, they’re not picky about the type just as long as there is some and enough food. Swords, anubias, ferns, elodea, are all easy plants

  2. Now looking closer, I’m not sure if they even are more shrimp eggs, or some other kind of eggs that might have come from something on the plants from when I bought them. They’re almost solid white eggs. (I’m going to create a post in the aquarium subreddit to Id them, but if anyone could help, that would be great!)

  3. They’re probably snail eggs. Berried (pregnant) shrimp carry their yellow or green eggs in their pleopods under their bellies and periodically oxygenate them by fanning until live birth of the shrimplets. I would remove the snail eggs if you don’t want an explosion of snails, and not worry too much about a shrimp population explosion. Shrimp have very low bioload and you can keep a lot of them in a 5.5g without any worries about water quality.

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