After a bit of recommendation please, within the subsequent few weeks I plan on transferring my shrimp colony over to their new dwelling which is able to…

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  1. That tank is so big that the shrimp won’t be able to produce enough ammonia to be unhealthy before it’s cycled. And if you’re using cycled media you will be fine, if you were starting from scratch I’d say put some extra shrimp food in to raise ammonia levels and start the cycle faster, but I don’t think that’s necessary here

  2. Some bacteria will die off, some will go dormant, but if there’s an ammonia spike it’ll respond better. I’d not put predators in before prey myself.

  3. Put in some plants/rocks/driftwood from other tanks. That has the most beneficial bacteria on them!

  4. Also I do plan on having lots of nano fish so would it be better to start the tank off with a decent sized group of neon tetra to keep the beneficial bacteria alive until it accumulates in substrate and on rocks etc before adding shrimp in?

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