Absolutely anticipating them to jot down their very own structure quickly. How do y’all preserve a shrimp inhabitants underneath management with out…

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  1. Sometimes they sort themselves out when limited food is given. other times adding in a fish or two that will prey on just the shrimplets will slow their population growth. its hard to get around doing at least some manual culling though.

  2. There’s no overpopulation with shrimp!

  3. If the numbers are really a problem, try selling or trading in to a store.

  4. Guppies with limited food will cull almost all the shrimplets

  5. I throw them into my community tanks. The fish keep them from breeding by eating the fry and some of the shrimp and the shrimp keep the tank clean until they die. As the shrimp in the community tanks die off I just add more from the shrimp tank.

  6. Giving them to friends so the friends can start their own colonies.

    Putting a nanofish in who only eats a few babies but not adults.

    Bringing them to the fish store for credit.

    Offering them on /r/AquaSwap

  7. Keep Them with a few kill fish and My other tank a betta

  8. Go over to castiron/subreddit

  9. in my area you could make bank by selling

  10. How do you clean without accidentally sucking them up??

  11. I love the orange ones! How did you get the population to explode (what are you feeding them, tank size, GH?)

    Anyways you could try selling them locally or trading via LFS. Sometimes they population control themselves like others said limited food, or whatnot. Throwing some fish in there like guppies can also help.

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