A shot of my fish and shrimp collectively

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  1. Microrasboras Galaxy + Cherry Shrimp and Tetra Amandae ?

  2. LOL I read this as “I shot my fish” and wondered WTF? If those are Galaxy Rasbora that’s a new species to me. They are gorgeous!

  3. I. Love. Galaxy Raspboras. SO MUCH! This is like a tiny river filled with tiny trout. Beautiful!

  4. Omg! Beautiful! I wanna see the whole tank now!

  5. What a great shot!

  6. I’d love a wide shot to use as a desktop image

  7. Those rasboras look like little broom trout!

  8. Nice shot! What’s the bright green stuff growing on the wood? It’s pretty ornate.

  9. This looks like a painting

  10. beautiful

  11. This is a great picture, OP!

  12. Gorgeous photo, great job. I have so much trouble getting clear shots of my CPDs, they move so much!

  13. They look like little Brook Trout!

  14. Pearl danios are so cool looking, they look like baby highland brook trout. It’s kinda crazy that even though those two species of fish are
    found literally on opposite sides of the planet, and have little to nothing in common other than being fish, they developed the same kind of camouflage.

  15. what did you take this picture with? its soooo clear

  16. Can you explain a bit how you got this shot? It looks so much better than 99% of the aquarium pictures I see out there.

  17. This is beautiful 🤩!

  18. They decimated my shrimp population, true predators

  19. Great photo! Would you mind telling me what you feed your Galaxy Rasboras? I have a young group myself and would love them to grow up looking that nice.

  20. Nice shot. Well done.

  21. That is a great pic!

  22. What a superb picture. Those cpds are fast swimming!

  23. Anyone know if these guys can play nice with a beta? Are they compatible in terms of water parameters?

  24. Very nice shot and healthy tank, congrats👍

  25. galaxy rasboras, my favorite fish of all time. they’re so gorgeous!

  26. I love celestial pearls! They’ve been my favorite fish to have.

  27. What camera do you use? Looks stunning

  28. This is truly a beautiful composition.

  29. Gosh the colours are just amaizing

  30. What a beautiful photo. Looks magical!

  31. Google Images actually shows *Galaxy Rasboras* and *Celestial Pearl Danios* as the same photo but flipped horizontally! My brain almost fried until I figured out it’s the same fish.

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