1. At first, thought the pine cones were shrimp and was think. DAMN them shrimp are some jumbos

  2. I like how the filter looks like some giant ancient stone gear or something

  3. This looks really nice.

  4. You got the granddaddy of all sponge filters there. I like it

  5. Awesone. What is that pink plant?

  6. Very clean. Almost like a staged home! Love it! My tank, NEVER that clean, ever

  7. I think you are really a plant guy! They look amazing 👏. A few RCS here and there. I’m buying Alder cones tonight thank you!

  8. Oh, I love it! What do you have the anubias(?) attached to? The effect with the roots going down like a mangrove is really neat

  9. How is it so perfect?

  10. Cute, I like it

  11. Really nice and clean look. I wish I would’ve gone a more simple route. Nope I did a Dutch style. They’re such a pain in the rear. Constantly trimming plants is no fun. I love this. Gives me an idea for a future setup.

  12. I thought your filter was a plant for a minute there

  13. Did you seed the filter to make it look like that?

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