5 gallon Betta/shrimp tank w 6 shrimp, any recommendation

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  1. Wow, that’s a thicc carpet

  2. The only thing I can think of is some taller plants for your little homie to hide among, maybe some broadleaf plants like anubias. 🙂

  3. Put the heater behind the rock, it’ll look better unless you like the look of the heater

  4. Bettas like to eat small shrimp a lot. At least mine do, they did not last long. I not have a separate shrimp and tetra tank. If your betta somehow does not like to eat shrimp as much as mine…. imo I feel like some more hiding places such as cholla wood (also encourages shrimp breeding, they like dark nooks and crannies) or moss leaves to block the betta from sight of the shrimps. Also if you have a HOB filter you should put a sponge on the intake to keep them from getting sucked in.

  5. Look up red root floaters. Omg they look amazing and add another color to your tank. They don’t develop long roots like frogbit

  6. Looks great! Though bettas get very tired with their long fins. That carpet looks comfy for him to rest on but you could also plant some big leafy plants around the rock for him to lay on? They also get some enrichment from tall plants as it gives them something to interact with.

  7. How many shrimp now?

  8. Carpet looking DANK, maybe add a melon sword or smaller plant to come up from the carpet. Bettas love to chill on a nice leaf. A well placed piece of driftwood could look dope too.

  9. What light you using?

  10. Awesome tank, but i would advice you to trim the thicc carpet a bit. I had such a carpet for a while and i observed that the bottom layers start dying off slowly because they get lesser light as the carpet grows more thick.

  11. How long did it take to get a carpet like that, and how many plants did you start with

  12. What carpeting plant are you using? It looks amazing.

  13. Thought that carpet was hygrophilia tiger. Nice tank though!

  14. Where’s the report button, to report you for hacking this tank 😂 5/ 5 for me

  15. Bettas and shrimp are a case by case basis, mine will eat baby shrimp but not adults. If he’s tried going for them without success though, there is a chance he could get one once they’ve been together longer if the shrimp see him as less of a threat. The ghost shrimp that were born in my bettas tank will nearly land on top of her while swimming, they don’t see her as a threat really. She could definitely eat them if she tried. Just fair warning, good luck!

  16. Truly lovely

  17. I’d use a different plant there for your carpet. if that’s pearl weed, you are going to have to continually trim it and that’s going to be a big pain in the rear. Maybe keep it for the background and let it grow tall, but I’d definitely use a different plant for the foreground and midground.

  18. Personal opinion, I always try to steer clear of symmetrical hard scape in my tanks. Never centered, always off centered. It tends to be more pleasing to the eye. Pearlweed carpet looks great, one of the only ways to achieve a carpet quickly without going hi tech.

  19. Very pretty. Just curious though do you do anything for enrichment I feel like the Betta will get bored quickly in there.

  20. My betta never went for shrimp. There will be plenty of spots to hide in that carpet. I always had a few floater in a corner for the betta to chill under (stay away from duckweed). With that thicc ass mat maintenance should be easy. Maybe something that grows tall in the background to add some depth. But it looks like you’ve got a good start.

  21. My Betta just snacks on cherry shrimp?

    Yours doesn’t I guess?

  22. Remove the beta

  23. Love the carpet. With that many plants and a good filter I think you should be good. I have bred shrimp both with and without other fish in the tank. With fish, as long as you have plenty of places for the babies to hide, shouldn’t be an issue.

  24. First off everything looks great! It Akari looks healthy. I don’t think you need this advice, but just incase you were unaware, letting carpet get to high can cause alot of it to uproot.

  25. What kind of light you using? It’s growing that carpet thickkk

  26. What’s your carpeting plant?

  27. Is it hard to set up a tank like this? Do you have CO2 pumps running?

  28. Your carpet looks amazing 👏

  29. I’m trying to start my own aquarium/paludarium/terrarium(Whatever their called) and I was wondering what those plants are? I want to try going for 1 specific plant and yours looks great.

  30. And an awesome yellow swirly snail!

  31. Just one really striking red plant somewhere that draws the eye? Looks great!

  32. Love it, I know a lot of ideas have been thrown into the ring but I hope u see this, consider maybe a floating plant, like a red root floating plant, they could carpet the top and add a lot of depth and shade, with maybe a circular cut out or two out or piping to make a window through the carpet. Could make for really cool lighting. this would make the Monte Carlo express differently too which could be interesting, could get bigger leaves, longer stems.

    Thanks for posting

  33. Dwarf sag in one back corner, let it run across to the other side eventually.

  34. RIP Shrimp, they will eventually be preyed on, they must be lurking terrified.

    Lovely Betta though.

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