3 weeks working query about Amano shrimp

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  1. Since it is such a heavily planted tank, I don’t think 2-3 more should be any problems at all

  2. Also idk if you have experience with Nerites but they will lay eggs on everything. They are glued on and difficult to remove. It’s the only reason I’ll never have Nerites again. They are an amazing snail but the way they lay eggs outweighs their benefits for me. Just wanted to give a heads up before your tank gets covered in white dots.

  3. This tank looks like a 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. You could add 2 or 3 more without any problems.

  5. Nice looking tank! And only 3 weeks in!

  6. How big is the tank?

  7. Sick tank. I love it. Sick in the colloquial sense.

  8. Awesome tank!

  9. Idk anything about your question but your tank is Gorgeous.

  10. What are these long root floaters? Nice tank😍

  11. What’s your plant on the lower right hand corner with the big rounded leaves?

  12. You could add a hundred more shrimp and it wouldn’t be a problem. Just need to feed them so the amanos don’t get aggressive

  13. Only way I know how to sex them is the males have a lump on one of their antenna. But it’s small and mostly covered by their shell unlike mysteries. That’s why if you get more it’s very hard to make sure you only have males or young females. Since if you get them young they will eventually breed unless you have a single gender. I had 3 Nerites and they didn’t lay eggs for months then one day bam eggs everywhere.

  14. Just please list all of the plants in there when you get a chance. Thank you. Great tank!

  15. I would add at least 15 more crystal shrimp and 5 japonica.

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