3 shrimp died already.. can somebody assist me and clarify why?

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  1. Do a water test.

  2. Off topic but what you did with the wood is so cool!

  3. Do you have a test kit to tell us the ammonia, nitritr, and nitrate levels?

    Did you cycle the tank?

    Did you drip acclimate them?

    After you answer those we can probably tell you exactly what went wrong!

  4. What do you feed them and how often? And how old is the tank?

    I struggled when first keeping cherry shrimp because I rarely fed them, assuming they would survive by grazing on algae, biofilms etc. But a little bit of food every day is definitely appreciated, and helps them survive and breed.

    This is especially true in a new tank, where there isn’t much accumulated debris, microorganisms, etc.

    Lastly, on an unrelated note, I like how you have the plants growing out of that chunk of (cholla?) wood — looks really cool.

  5. If that’s real wood careful with it being so close to the tank’s sides.

    I’ve seen posts where people’s tanks have cracked because over time the wood absorbed water and swelled.

    Edit: nvm I see in a previous post someone already mentioned it

  6. Maybe an issue with KH/GH levels? If they’re too low then they’ll have some issues developing.

  7. Looks like the tank is maybe a day old? That’s not even close to being cycled, and not even remotely close to being mature enough for shrimp.

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