3 gallon shrimp breeding tank. Any recommendation on what to place in it? I need to avoid precise ornaments from pet…

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  1. My absolute favorite thing to do in small shrimp tanks is build a Java moss wall. All you do is get some plastic mesh, Java moss, and superglue (I also use suction cups). It’s perfect for a tiny tank and it’s really fun to “mow” the moss and replant it when it gets too long. Baby shrimp can hide in it and eat particles that become lodged in the crevices.

    Also, you don’t need fancy substrate (or any substrate) to grow moss

  2. Forget what others are saying about small tank. You can start small if you want. I have 3 & 5 gallon tanks bcuz I’m in a small apartment. I’m not looking to breed thousands, dozens for good genetics is fine with me.

    Grass might have a hard time gripping the lava rocks but idk never used substrate that big before. U can always go with Java moss as a “carpet.” It’s pretty cheap and grows fast.

  3. Apparently a black substrate is recommended for colours. Java ferns and java moss are good beginner plants.

  4. Hydrocotyl tripartita Japan might be a good option. It isn’t carpeting but it will spread out all over and it looks like clovers, it also grows relatively densely which shrimp tend to like. Look up some images of it to see if you like how it looks. Good luck!

  5. I wouldn’t recommend white sand. I have white sand in my neo skittles tank and all my skrimpys started loosing their colors. I’m just waiting for the new babies to get bigger and I’ll redo the tank with fluval or something similar

  6. Get some cholla wood and java moss or subwassertang

  7. tank is good. being tight on money is something everyone goes through. no worries. with that being said, how about some small wood? or maybe some plants. ik you said you didn’t wanna put ornaments but maybe even some silk ones. pebbles? small stones? that would good my friend

  8. Moss, wood and floaters is basically the ez standard at this point

  9. Carpeting plants are hard to do without CO2 and strong lighting. The carpeting plant will tend to grow longer or higher to reach the light if it’s not getting enough. Black sand is nice and you can get it pretty cheap from hardware store like Home Depot. You’ll just need about 3-4 lbs for your tank.

    Moss is a good plant for you but check on the different kinds because some will grow a lot faster than others. Look at some plants like Anubias nana or some inexpensive low tech plants. Depending on your location you can try the aquaswap subreddit and might to get some starter plants for cheap/free.

  10. Candles and jazz music for ambience

  11. 3 gallon is small for a breeding tank.

  12. It will take a LOT of sand to conver the lava rock. I wouldn’t add anything but moss. Personally.

  13. My shrimp love subwassertang, moss balls, floaters, and cholla wood. Always fun to see them hanging around on those

  14. floating plants and puree them when you need to remove some then dehydrate it as food 😀

    I have pothos also hanging over the edges.

    Slow growing small plants like anubis works too

  15. I just gathered pretty cool looking driftwood from a nearby beach I scrubbed it and boiled it to clean it. It’s still drifting in the tank though lol some people say it’ll sink of not weigh it down

  16. So worried about the substrate, ornaments, hides etc…
    just don’t forget to put shrimp in it!

  17. I use a lot of cholla wood. Great hiding and breeding spots. Btw, you have a heater and filter setup in that fluval already in the black area, why had another heater and filter taking up space ? If you’re not using the setup that came with it why not remove it all and have more space in there?

  18. Shrimp love cholla wood and some java moss and floating plants. Mine are always upside down on the floating plants eating from the roots and riding around. I had a pH spike and lost a lot of shrimp. No idea what happened and I can’t get pH down. I had orange eyed blue tigers and crystal reds and several tibees. Anyone have any ideas to keep the pH no higher than 6.5?

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