25 litre planted shrimp tank – can I put any fish in right here? I wished Infinite however apprehensive about measurement.

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  1. a few endless should be ok but be sure to have either only males or only females because a mix of male and female will mean that they’re gonna be breeding alot.

  2. Endler’s*

  3. If you’re planning on breeding the shrimp I wouldn’t put many fish in there at all, and nothing as big as an endler. Newly hatched shrimp are smaller than you think and a perfect snack for most fish.

    I have least rasboras in with my shrimp, they’re very shy and stick to the plant cover, and they’re too small to cause any havoc for any shrimp older than a month.

    I wouldn’t put a betta in with shrimp at all, some fish keepers get lucky and get a betta that doesn’t eat shrimp, but more often than not they’ll murder the whole colony for fun.

  4. A group of Cory’s are fun

  5. Could try celestial pearl danios or Pygmy cories, both shy at first but with a nice group and with the plants you have can be big personalities and are harmless to adult shrimp!

  6. Put one betta and a shrimp colony in.

  7. Ember tetras ftw

  8. I think it’s a little too small. Though, you could do what I do and keep endlers in like a 10-20 gallon main tank and then raise the fry in your smaller shrimp tank. Once they get full size you can pluck em out and put them back in the main tank and by then you’ll have at least two more generations of guppy fry to choose from lol

  9. Microrasbora would work

  10. My daughter has had good luck with a shrimp colony in a small tank, with a few Ottos. The Ottos are fun to watch, and completely disinterested in the shrimps.

  11. Hyphessobrycon amandae (don’t know the English name lol) would look good + they’re shrimp friendly

  12. Boraras or something like red neon blue eye rainbowfish (it’s the one that’s really caught my eye) aka Pseudomugil luminatus. Or a single koi betta? Some fish might want thicker plantings to feel their best.

  13. Oh hey, I’ve got this exact one!

  14. A trio would do fine

  15. I added endlers to my 30l shrimp tank – I’ve had no shrimplets survive since but I am loving my fish. And I have also had to set up up another tank as I’m coming down with fish now.

  16. RASBORAS!! love em. especially chilis ! they are very cool tempered and such neat beautiful little fish that really stand out! They can be a little shy at first but with time and the right love and care they really do have cool little personalities! I have a shrimp tank mixed with rasboras and my shrimp are still happily breeding!

    EDIT: I see a comment about you talking about hard water. I have very hard los angeles water as well and found a local pet store that has bred rasboras in hard water so they’re already conditioned to live in such water. I would NOT try to play around with the water hardness/softness as it usually will end up causing more bad then good. It would be the best idea to find rasboras that are already preconditioned and pre established in hard water already! if you’re using tap water and that’s where the hard water is coming from, you will typically find that your local pet stores ALSO use the same type of tap water with the same hardness, and hopefully can find some rasboras there that are already comfortably established. good luck!

  17. I don’t have shrimp anymore because they didn’t survive when I moved apartments :(, but I used to have a huge colony in a 10 gallon tank with a small school of ember tetras. I saw new baby shrimp all the time. I’m sure the tetras are some of them, but it barely slowed down the colony.

  18. Ember tetras or harlequin rasboras

  19. Celestial Pearl danio’s are a perfect mix👍

  20. do males only group, different strains! That would be lit. You can add a decent amount w/ live plants because their bio load is low. I would personally add up to 6 but probably keep lower stocking like a trio to be ideal

  21. You will soon have endless endlers

  22. Oh my gosh it’s so cute! A couple endlers would be great!

  23. Look into white cloud minnows.

  24. Maybe a pea puffer or true freshwater bumblebee goby

  25. I think 2-3 endlers should be ok, just only get males or females. I recommend getting only females over males because the males may sometimes fight in an all male tank, but they should be ok.

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