2+ years thus far. Residence to six CPDs and few dozen shrimp. Lowest upkeep tank I’ve ever had

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  1. This is lovely. What size tank is this? If you have time or inclination, could you give me a brief summary of your plant life?

  2. A little surprised your 6 CPDs haven’t turned into more than 6 yet 😛

  3. All those plants make for a lot of filtration.

  4. What type of light is that?

  5. i was going to get cpd until i read that they eat shrimplets?

  6. Do you ever get to see the CPD? I adore them but they’re the shyest fish I’ve ever seen.

  7. Looks really great. Nice job. What kind of co2 do you use, diy setup?

  8. Is it 10 gallon tank? Very beautiful, want to make one like this.

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