2 bamboo shrimp in my tank about 2weeks in. Shrimp 1 has discovered the filter and is fortunately filter feeding. Shrimp two has…

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  1. Don’t move it. You might just end up stressing it out. If the shrimp gets hungry in its cave it will look for a new place to stay.

  2. Filter feeders don’t literally feed off the filter… they feed by ‘filtering’ small food particles out of the water column to eat. You’ll see they have fans instead of pincers

  3. Filter feeders ≠ things that eat off of filters

  4. If it’s hungry it’ll move. If they didn’t have instincts to make them find a better location when hungry the individuals would die and they would go extinct. The bottom line is it’ll move if it needs too.

  5. It may sneak out in the dark.

  6. 2 weeks?

    I guarantee you those shrimps have seen every nook in your tank without you noticing lol

    Just don’t overthink stuff

  7. He might just be shy, my friend had one that would only come out at night and another that was out most of the time, both tanks were heavily planted and had basically the same parameters as eachother. I’d assume the case with her shrimp is like yours. Bamboo shrimp are also known to like to hide out in little cave like structures for part of the day and it’s recommended to at least have the option of the hide if you have one. I wouldn’t worry about your shrimp 🙂

  8. I put one of these dudes in my tank two weeks ago and haven’t seen him since. Even if he died, you’d think I’d be able to find the biggest thing in a 29 gal tank.

    Also, “filter feeder” means the organism itself is the filter (they feed on little stuff floating around the water column). They don’t need to be near an aquarium filter to feed. That said, moving water is important for filter feeders, so the flow that the filter creates is important.

  9. I don’t think people are asking the right question here…

    How are these shrimp eating? Are they taking their fans and shooting them up in the air? As if they are reaching out towards the sky like an excited child saying, “Pick me! Pick me!”?


    Are your shrimp using their fans like claws to eat out of the filter or whatever they are poking through?

    Your answer will tell everyone here if your shrimp are healthy.

  10. As if it would stay on the filter as you place it there. I’m laughing out here. It would only stress it out and it would run away somewhere else. They just don’t stay at one place, if it’s hungry it would eventually find its food wherever it’s available

  11. I have two bamboo shrimp they find the best place to feed. Mine actually hang out on plants that are close to the outlet of the filter. They found there way. I think it was a month before I saw them in the regular spots.

  12. I wouldn’t worry about moving anything. I have three vampire shrimp myself, and they come with distinct personalities. One I never see but glimpses inside a log (much like yours), another is usually upside down somewhere—always—and runs when I walk by, and the third just sits in plain view without a single care. I know all of them are eating just fine because I see it when I basically spy on them in the night lol, but they won’t hide to the point of starvation. They just like things how they like em. Your one likely is shy and doesn’t come out until it’s dark and he feels safest. Give it time and trust his instinct. You got this!

  13. The hermit cat Bobba Fats sitting in his cave talking to God alone.

  14. You know that “filter-feeding” does not mean literally feeding from the filter, right?

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