1st Tank! Hoping so as to add shrimp and snails post-cycle

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  1. Wow. For a first tank that’s fucking gorgeous.

  2. I wish my first tank looks this good. Great job!

  3. shrimp should be fine, but snails will climb right out of the top if you don’t have a lid on there.
    Honestly, for a tank that size, they larger snails (mystery for example) would probably put off a little more ammonia than I’d be comfortable with, especially for someone starting off.

    Looks great though!

  4. Beautiful. Just wow.

    Regarding other people and their snail escapes, I keep elephant snails (some variety of tylomenia) and assassin snails in two different tanks and neither of them have ever bothered climbing out! The elephants are in a 10L tank with plenty of lid gap and the back is pretty much permanently left off the 125L where the assassins live. Never had a pest snail escape either before the assassins made them locally extinct 😅

    Snails tend to try to escape when they’re not happy with the water conditions, keep an eye on those and you’ll be fine.

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